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Edition Pro

The Edition Pro of Otis – the virtual patient has been specially designed for individual audiologist training, medical practices and private hearing aid dispensers.

Conducting complex hearing tests requires a high level of training and continuing professional development in the field of audiometry. It is to meet this need that Otis Pro has been developed with its user-friendly interface and numerous features. The didactically designed software familiarizes learners with audiometry at a selectable level of difficultly and monitors each and every step. Accurate analysis of the measuring processes also allows the learning objectives to be continually monitored and adapted.

Otis Pro is therefore the instrument of choice for cost reduction whilst quality demands increase.

Quality enhancing features
  • Cost-saving features
  • Increased reliability when measuring complex hearing impairments
  • Prevention of measurement errors
  • Increased reliability and comfort for the patient due to training without hearing test participant
  • Completely objective feedback
Cost-saving features
  • Intensive autonomous training
  • Time-pressure off physicians and audiologists
  • Less supervision during audiologist training
  • More efficient measurements thanks to more routine
  • Otis Pro can be used on any PC for training purposes
The training package comprises
  • software with more than 100 exercises to different hearing defects and impairments
  • didactically structured textbook, “Audiometry – A Manual for the Practitioner“ by Dr. med. Thomas Spillmann and Christoph Wille (3rd extended edition)
  • user handbook
  • two summary cards with flow diagrams and abbreviated descriptions
  • numerous exercise modules with detailed descriptions
  • free-of-charge download of the newest exercises and descriptions
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Processing patient/client data
Otoscopy with interpretation