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Product overview



The ultimate otology database. ENTstatistics stores all surgery reports, audiograms, follow-up reports, operation sketches and X-ray images in a user-friendly database. Powerful and adjustable. Read more »

Diagnostic Manager

The perfect assistant for the management of your examination findings. Diagnostic Manager is a database program that has been specifically designed for use by specialist ENT practices and hospitals. Read more »


MEDstatistics is the online platform for the structured collection and the systematic analysis of therapy data. Read more »


Therapy data on a uniform platform. MEDregistry is an Internet platform for the collection of therapy data that requires registration. Read more »

Otis - the virtual patient

Audiometry training with virtual patients. Otis intelligently and realistically simulates the behaviour of the patient and detects possible user errors. Read more»

Otis - AudioFit

Bring your client’s sound world directly into the fitting room. Otis – AudioFit supports you when you demonstrate hearing aids by enabling you to place the client in various everyday noise situations with just a few mouse clicks. Read more »