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Optimal integration to imaging systems in the hospital

The DICOM Integration Manager is a program with which medical devices that create images and videos can be integrated into a hospital information environment. The program is characterized by the following features:

  • The program receives data from a DICOM worklist server and displays a clear task list.
  • The user chooses the desired task and creates images or videos with the device.
  • After finishing the task, the DICOM Integration Manager sends the image or video data to the hospital imaging system (e.g. a PACS server). As a result, all diagnostic results are globally available.
DICOM integration in a hospital

Suchen Sie einen kompetenten Partner zur Integration Ihrer Daten über DICOM. So freuen wir uns auf Ihre Kontaktaufnahme.

"Working with INNOFORCE has allowed us to simplify the transfer of endoscopy and microscopy images and videos to electronic medical records for documentation purposes. Thanks to the DICOM integration of the video and endoscopy devices, the transfer process is extremely easy, taking only a few mouse clicks. INNOFORCE was very constructive, cooperative and interested in finding a user-friendly solution.

They were also responsive and competent when it came to questions or change requests. The secure storage and easy availability of images represents a noticeable improvement in our day-to-day work."


Prof. Dr. Tobias Kleinjung
Director ENT Polyclinic
University Hospital Zürich