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Further Press Reports

"A student of the department of medical computer science of the Mannheim - University of Applied Sciences spends internship at INNOFORCE". The task of the future computer scientist at INNOFORCE is to develop a professional app for tablet PCs for medical questionnaires connected to our database.
Department for Computer Science, Mannheim, Aug 2013, full article (in German)

"Initial hurdles which have to be overcome when found your IT start-up". A lecture by Christoph Wille, CEO of INNOFORCE Est., held on 19 June 2013 within the frame of the Mannheim computer science colloquium.
Department for Computer Science, Mannheim, Aug 2013, full article (in German)

“A Program for Documenting and Evaluating ENT Therapy Data - User Report" Prof. Uwe Baumann, Frankfurt University Hospital, publishes a contribution on using the otology database ENTstatistics.
Zeitschrift für Audiologie, December 2012, full report (translated)

"Entrepreneurship is bearing fruit". Christoph Wille, Geschäftsführer von INNOFORCE, gab für die Organisation "Liechtenstein Innovation" ein Interview über die Teilnahme am Business Plan Wettbewerb der Universität Liechtenstein.
Liechtenstein Innovation, Dec 2012, full article (in German)

“A good team is the key to success”. Christoph Wille, Managing Director of INNOFORCE gave an interview to the PeCe Magazine of the Liechtensteiner Vaterland newspaper on the company’s success story.
PeCe-Magazin, June 2012, full report

Succesful introduction of Otis at the 22. International audiometry course in Barcelona.
Salesa News, June 2009, full report

"ENTstatistics is a powerful system for surgeons to record relevant therapy data in an optimal fashion which allows them to undertake comprehensive evaluation of long term results of their work in otologic surgery."
ENTNews, January 2009, full report

"We are confident that now, after extensive training with Otis – the virtual patient, our students are much better prepared for their clinical placements, and can start to test patients more confidently."
AudioInfos France, February 2008, full report (in French)

Wahid Zaman, who is a clinical audiologist and teaches in the skills labs has used Otis – the virtual patient across the different years of study, and is full of praise for the options it gives him to present students at different levels with tasks to practise their skills. The students can work through these tasks in small groups at their own pace during their weekly 'drop-in' sessions, after they have been instructed in the larger groupThis makes the skills lab manageable for one clinical teacher, with very good learning outcomes for the students."
AuidoInfos UK, December 2007, full report

"Thanks to the numerous features offered by the program, cases of masking can also be simulated that are seen rather rarely in practice and therefore cannot be adequately practised."
AudioInfos Germany, June 2007, full report (in german)

"ENTstatistics allows data to be interrogated using various criteria; thus, for example, a surgeon can compare a patient’s health before and after an operation. Using this tool, a hospital can learn from experience, improve processes and procedures and reduce costs. A task that previously took days of laborious searching through files can now be performed by the surgeon with a few simple mouse click."
Liechtenstein Journal of Economy, June 2006, full report (in german)

"Otis is very well suited for learning the fundamentals of audiometry and masking. New trainees and staff can thus be trained in a focused manner and develop measuring routines before applying their skills on a human subject."
German Opticians’ Journal, February 2006, full report (in german)

"Da immer mehr Audiometer PC-gesteuert sind, ist auch das Audiometrieren mit diesem Programm sehr nah an der Realitat. Die Vorgehensweise lasst sich bei vielen Audiometern sehr gut auf die Praxis ubertragen. Den Haupteinsatzort sehe ich zum einen in der HNO-Praxis zum Einlernen der Helferinnen, zum anderen beim Horgerateakustiker fur die Auszubildenden."
AudioLogisch, January 2006, full report (in german)

"INNOFORCE – a record of success"
Intl. Business Plan Contest Liechtenstein, March 2005, full report (in german)

"INNOFORCE in the Pioneers’ Club"
Liechtensteiner Vaterland, March 2005, full report (in german)

"INNOFORCE – full-blooded professionalism"
Liechtenstein Journal of Economy, April 2004, full report (in german)

"Successfully on track"
GWK Magazine, March 2004, full report (in german)